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With beekeeping at the heart of everything we do, Wings & Radicles CIC is a social enterprise with a mission to use the craft of beekeeping to improve mental wellbeing.

We also offer beekeeping lessons to members of the public and handmade beeswax and honey products are available to purchase. Profits from both workshop and product sales are reinvested back into the business, in order to fund our Wellness Through Beekeepinginitiative using beekeeping as a tool to positively impact mental health.

Beekeeping workshops
Sense of bee-longing

The beekeeping demographic in the UK is primarily taken up by middle-class, middle-aged, white men. As a young working-class woman, I felt the need to combat the underrepresentation of minority groups by delivering beekeeping workshops that are accessible and welcoming to all. I want to eradicate the preconceived stereotypes associated with beekeepers and give all the opportunity to be engaged with the craft.

The aforementioned typical beekeeper demographic is generally in a better socioeconomic position than those in minority groups; which can be one of the main barriers to engaging with the craft of beekeeping. Everyone has the right to education and to access green spaces; unfortunately, for many underprivileged people, it’s not always that simple. Therefore, as well as offering beekeeping workshops to the general public, Wings & Radicles CIC is able to make it more financially viable to attend sessions through funded programmes. 

For more information on Wings & Radicles workshops, head to our ‘Beekeeping Workshops’ page.

Support local biodiversity
Bee-lieve in a better future

I asked myself, “What am I good at, what brings me joy and how can I use that to combat our climate crisis?” The answer: beekeeping. My knowledge of beekeeping, not only allows me to use my platform to express how crucial bees are to human survival, but it also allows me to segway and open up a dialogue about how we can live more harmoniously with our planet. Bees are integral to our planet, around 75% of the crops we eat rely on pollinating insects. Without the work of these pollinators, humanity as we know it would stand little chance of survival. By hosting beekeeping workshops and interacting with others to share the importance of caring for our planet, I believe Wings & Radicles can make a positive contribution towards climate action.


It’s not just about what I can teach others either, but also about what I can learn. Through beekeeping, I have networked with communities and grassroots organisations on their own eco-journeys, who continue to inspire and give me hope for a greener tomorrow.

Handmade beeswax products
Support small buzz-iness

Wings & Radicles offer a range of handmade merchandise, created using our beeswax and other hive by-products. Currently in the range we have: wax melts, lip balms and food wraps (a reusable, eco-friendly alternative to cling film), with more products being added very soon. When you buy from our collection you’re helping to fund beekeeping projects, engaging a new generation of beekeepers and contributing toward our goals of increasing the bee population.

You can shop guilt-free knowing that all our packaging is recyclable, even down to our stickers and where possible, we source previously recycled materials. Our eco-conscious packaging doesn’t compromise our aesthetic appeal and we pride ourselves on our delivering you beautiful products.

We use natural ingredients to create our products and we also believe it’s important for our ingredient list to be recognisable, with no added nasties.

To browse our range of beeswax products, head to our ‘Shop’ page.

Always bee-lieve in yourself and bee radical!

Rachel, Founder of Wings & Radicles

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